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Am I able to download videos?
Full length videos (as one file) are only downloadable when you purchase them individually as a Video On Demand (VOD) 
Both Full Access & Free Access members can purchase VODs

Full Access Members get stream full length videos and download the full length video divided into small clips.

Can I Download Videos with my Full Access Paid Membership?
Any full scene can be streamed (like netflix & amazon) and watched right on, but to download a full scene you must pay for it separately clicking the "BUY" button related to that video. Also you can download the whole of any dragginladies produced video in small pieces (called clips) with any additional payment.
What are DragginDollars?
DragginDollars are a form of “Virtual currencyā€¯ which are used to purchase/rent individual Dragginladies videos and picture galleries.
If your on a budget or just previewing our site you should purchase DragginDollar.
Sign up for free here and get 5 free DragginDollars and start enjoying Dragginladies!
How do I cancel a membership?
Canceling your membership ( i.e. automatic rebill of your subscription) is easy.Simply log into your account
- Goto "My Account" Page
- Click "Update Account"
- Under "Account Billing Management"
- Change "Auto Pay Option" to "No"
Why was my credit card transaction for membership declined?
1. Double check everything you entered is correct, especially your address.
Try again, if it still doesn't work...
2. Try our second billing option. On the credit card payment page next to "Payment Type" change the drop down menu from "Credit Card" to "CCbill".
Try again, if it still doesn't work...
3. Call your credit card bank (ask to unblock) ...sometimes banks will block payments to adult websites.
If it still doesn't work...
4. The last option is that you can send us an online payment using for a 1 year membership ($99). You can contact us through our helpdesk mentioning and we'll send you a payment request for $99, and upgrade your account to Full Access for 1 year.
What will it say on my credit or debit card bill?
Don't worry it won't say Dragginladies on your credit or debit card bill. It will only say "HDL Productions".
Why can't I login?
If you have trouble logging in, try clearing your cookies and closing all windows before logging in again. In most cases, this will fix the issue. Make sure you are using the correct username and password (remember also that logins are CaSe sEnsitiVE).
If you are still unable to log in and are redirected to the login page (or don't even see the login page), download and install Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If you are using an old browser, download and install Firefox or Chrome. These browsers will give you the best experience when using our site.
Why can't I play your videos?
1. If you can't stream videos it may be Flash is disabled on your Chrome browser, here are the instructions to enable it for both Macs & Windows.
2. If you do, delete your browser history, including the Cache, close all browser windows, and restart browser.
3. If your videos still won’t play try using a different browser, here are links to:
Browsers For Windows and Mac

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